Arma is forefront of the FMCG industry in Egypt and the MENA region. With a team of passionate professionals, they have extended products to the homes of consumers, shelves of exporters, and foods of industrial customers. With global partnerships and years of expertise, ARMA is a global leader in its business of manufacturing, trades and exports.
“Supply,Install,Test and Commisioning works for following Systems:
A-Firefighting Systems:
1-Fire Hose Cabinet System.
2-Fire Water Sprinklers System.
3-Foam System(Monitors&Chamber)
4-CO2 Fire Suppression System.
5-Ineregen fire suppression System.
6-Fire Pump Room & Water Tanks Works.
7-Fire Extinguisher.

B-Fire Alarm Systems:
1-Addressable Fire Alarm System.
2-VESDA Fire Alarm System.
3-Flame Detection System.
4-Gas detection System.
5-Control System For Water Tanks.”


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